Monday, February 26, 2018


It happens from time to time, and now we have a few cases in the news at the same time.

The Dallas Mavericks apparently tolerated harassment.  On top of that, the team's owner admitted his team tanked.  The league has fined him $ 600,000.

Arizona is caught up in a recruiting scandal.

Louisville can't get out from under NCAA sanctions imposed for the way it entertained recruits.

Michigan State has major problems because of the way it handled gymnast sex abuser Larry Nasser.

According to the New York Post, twenty schools have been snagged in an FBI corruption investigation.

Yet, we gladly watch the games on television.  We place bets, where legal.  Networks give schools and leagues hundreds of millions of dollars.

Could stiffer penalties, making an example of a school, work?  The death penalty?

It's clear things have to change.  How do we do it?  I have absolutely no idea.