Tuesday, December 18, 2018


I was going to do a holiday themed Scrapple, but Scrapple doesn't seem Christmassy.  For one day only, welcome to "Fruitcake."

By the way, I do like fruitcake.  I admit that freely.

I can watch "A Charlie Brown Christmas" endlessly.

"A Christmas Story" was cute.  Once.

Those stop motion animation Christmas specials always creeped me out.

I still enjoy listening to Bob and Doug McKenzie's "!2 Days of Christmas."

I don't care if I never hear "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" again.  It came on the car radio yesterday morning and my finger couldn't hit the dial fast enough.

David Letterman did an outstanding Christmas show every year, and I am thankful clips exist on YouTube-- especially Darlene Love's music.

I marvel at the efficiency of the US Postal Service, FedEx, UPS, Amazon and Chewy.

I've never finished an entire candy cane, even though I like peppermint.

I don't send any, and I receive very few, but Christmas cards are still a treat.

My first TV boss, the guy who hired me, the guy who gave me a chance, sent a card and a letter this year.  I have been blessed by finding people who believed in me throughout my career.

I had to do a little shopping yesterday.  It was a crash and burn expedition, and I'm sorry I didn't have time to savor the season.  Maybe this week, I can relax and walk around because my tasks are complete.

"Wings" did some fine Christmas editions.  "Barney Miller" also had a few good ones.  The first "Scrubs" Christmas was excellent.

I am contractually spoken for, but I wouldn't mind doing a few hours around Christmas, on the radio somewhere.

It's not Christmas unless I eat my body weight in pepper cookies.

One cup of egg nog is enough to last me for the rest of the season.