Monday, December 10, 2018


The Scranton Times ~ Tribune beat me to it.

Last week, I noticed how ugly the Penn Avenue side of the old Globe store, soon to be county office building has become.  I meant to take some pictures and do a blog entry in the near future.  A newspaper editorial Wednesday morning beat me to the punch.  Pardon the pun, the newspaper people and I are on the same page.  We hate this.

The Globe had huge windows looking in to the store and its restaurant on the Penn Avenue side back in the day.  I realize eliminating the huge windows increases security and maximizes internal space, but this is simply hideous.

The goal is to mimic the corrugated metal look of the neighboring Iron Horse Movie Bistro, but that's ugly and uninviting, too.

The Times ~ Tribune editorial compared the look to a warehouse or a jail and the editorial board is absolutely right.  This does nothing for the neighborhood.  The blocks of Penn Avenue closest to Mulberry Street and Linden Street have been redeveloped nicely.  It's almost Scranton's version of restaurant row.  I understand there are some nice bars and there is a ramen shop that's getting plenty of attention.  Let's hope this block of Penn is next to get fixed up.
We can do better.  We should do better.