Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A Haunting Bag of Doritos

I've been at some horrible crime scenes over the years.  Gory.  Bodies.  Blood.  Those stay with you.  Forever.

One I encountered Monday morning is on the list, even though it was as clean as you could believe.

A woman was shot to death inside a Uni Mart in Williamsport Sunday night.
The victim worked across West Fourth Street, at a Dunkin.  She just came over to grab a bag of Doritos.  It was the wrong place at the wrong time.  The Uni Mart was being robbed.  The customer was shot to death.  A clerk was hurt.  The killer took off.  Police announced his arrest Tuesday morning.

As I looked in the store window, the bag of Doritos was still on the counter, at the cash register.  The transaction was never completed.  Murder got in the way.  It was eerie.

The abandoned Doritos bag was enough of a symbol that something horrible happened here.

I didn't have to see a body.  I didn't have to see the blood.