Friday, December 16, 2011

Friday Scrapple

A look at the calendar shows 2011 is almost over, to it's time for a little scrapple and to tie up some loose ends...

The last days of the year will be dedicated to some of my favorite photos from the past twelve months.  I'll toss in a thought or two if and when something enormous happens.

I usually find December flies by, but it seems to be dragging this year, and I just can't figure it out.

My number of Twitter followers increases every few days, and once again, I thank you for that.  I feel obligated to Tweet more, but let's face it-- my life isn't that interesting.  Also, I pick up new Linked In contacts every few days.  I'm flattered.

Accused child molester Jerry Sandusky waived his right to a preliminary hearing Tuesday morning.  Despite the comments of the defense, you can't help but think a plea deal is in the works.  90 per cent of the time, the end result of a preliminary hearing is the charges being forwarded to trial, but it does give the defense a good look at the proseuction's case, and a chance to see how witnesses react on the stand.  If there's no plea deal, waiving the hearing is a huge mistake.  You can't say precedence has been set.  The defense has made a lot of mistakes the last couple months-- including allowing Sandusky to open his yap.

By the way, please tell Mr. Sandusky's legal team that I've never required a lesson in how to shower.

The NFL has its shortcomings, but the big networks really like it.  It's simple-- big ratings.  There's a new TV contract.  CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN will pay a combined $ 2 billion a season.  There are some tweaks and changes, but things will essentially stay as-is, but with the NFL getting a 60 per cent bigger pay day.

I blew through one of the shopping malls yesterday afternoon, and it was extremely busy.  Every year, we hear dire predictions on consumer spending, and every year, people blow through a lot of cash and rack up credit card debt.

I can complain about anything-- except this year's November and December weather.