Monday, November 24, 2014

Monday Scrapple

I fear we're hitting the holiday doldrums a bit early this year.  Other than normal Thanksgiving related stories and events, there doesn't appear to be a lot going on this week.

I've grown weary of the fear mongering and long term winter predictions.  You can't forecast the whole season based on one cold week.

For those who say the economy has turned the corner, spend some time this holiday season with the Salvation Army, or Friends of the Poor, or the Commission on Economic Opportunity, or United Neighborhood Centers.  There are a lot of people, families with kids, out there still hurting.

I wish the NFL would stop playing games in London and stop entertaining thoughts about putting a team there permanently.  Los Angeles first.

There is likely a Bill Cosby blog in my future.  There are some serious questions on both sides.  Why did the women wait so long to say something?  All have similar stories, leading me to believe there's a lot of truth to the stories.

I will forever be amazed that we landed a spacecraft on a comet.

A friend showed me her iPhone 6+.  It's an amazing device, but it's not for me.  I phone.  I text.  That's all I need.

NBC hired a guy to overhaul the Today show and fired him because he wanted to overhaul the Today show.

I will never understand how Marion Barry kept getting elected in Washington.

Seven feet of snow, then flooding?  Good luck, Buffalo.