Thursday, November 19, 2015

Does It Really Work?: Echo

I considered getting an Echo from Amazon for a while now.  It got a passing grade from Kurt Aaron's "Does It Really Work?" on Newswatch 16.  That brought me close.  A discount from Amazon pushed me over the edge.

I had it up and running mere minutes after the UPS truck brought it.  Plug it in, download the app, fill in a few questions, and you're done.  You can learn it in seconds.

As I've noted here before, local radio really isn't meeting my needs these days.  Echo is a fantastic internet radio device.  It plays music.  It answers questions and provides information.  Echo really delivers as promised.

On top of that, Echo is just plain fun.

Can you live without it?  Certainly.  Does it make life a little easier and more entertaining?  Absolutely.