Tuesday, December 5, 2017


It started early this year, and I remember right where I was when I heard it.  I was in my bedroom just after midnight Friday morning.  I was getting dressed for a trip to the gym when I heard the overnight anchor on WCBS AM say it.

Rage suppressed my memory of what the story was about, but I know what triggered it.  It's a phenomenon I've written about before.  Anyone who does anything bad at this time of year is referred to as a "grinch."  The subject of the radio story had stolen something, or vandalized some display when the grinch reference was made.

One day, I will pen a book about news writing-- especially the trite and the cliched that infuriate me.  Grinch is at, or near the top of the list.

Can't we be more creative than that?  We can do better.  Why don't we try this?   Just tell the story.  Silly embellishments aren't necessary.

And, speaking of silly, has the ugly Christmas sweater thing run its course yet?  It was cute and interesting for the first year or two.  Now, it's simply tiresome.

There is a new one on the list this year.  The upside down Christmas tree.  It was cute once, and only once.

Stop it.  Stop it now.

Bah!  Humbug!