Friday, November 19, 2010

Same Time, Next Year

It was my yearly experience with mass transit.

My car was due for an oil change, tire rotation, inspection, and 30,000 mile maintenance-- and Wednesday was the day.

I dropped it off at the dealer at 8:00 AM, and got a ride home from the courtesy shuttle.  The dealer offer a ride back to the shop when my car was ready, but I declined.

I got the call, at home, that my car was ready, and walked a few blocks to the Colts bus stop.  Not much has changed since my last ride, on car inspection day last year.  The ride to Scranton was still $1.25.  The bus was still crowded.  It was still clean and was a smooth ride.

My schedule rules out mass transit for work.  People who have the opportunity to ride the bus to and from their places of employment are fortunate.  I'm sure waiting for a bus in the cold, snow and rain isn't fun, but it is a pleasant experience once you climb aboard.

See you next year.