Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Two things are sticking in my craw today, wherever that is, and it's time to vent.

First topic:  that idiot TV news anchor, who got fired after letting a couple bad words slip on the air.

Look, the FIRST thing you learn-- in college or at your first job is to consider every microphone a LIVE microphone, and be careful what you say.

Would I have fired him?  Probably.  On the other hand, he's a kid, and kids make mistakes-- but this was a huge one.  Second chance?  Likely.  It would all depend on what he's like.  Based on the round of TV interviews after the incident, I'm not impressed.

Second topic:  AM TV.

I'm currently reading "Top of the Morning."  It's Brian Stelter's book on the high stakes game called network morning television.  The book is a little wordy, but not bad.  I'll do a full review when I complete it.  I'm more than half way in, and I'm already disgusted by morning network anchors who complain about getting up at 3:30 AM.  Hey, they only get millions of dollars a year to do it-- plus someone else does the research, the writing, prepares questions, does hair and make-up, etc.

The only one I've ever heard with an ounce of class was Bryant Gumbel, and I vividly remember the quote.  Someone asked him about the hours when he left NBC's Today.  Gumbel said he wasn't going to complain because there are a lot of people "who get up a lot earlier, for a lot less money."  Thank you, Bryant.

We are lucky to do what we do.