Friday, April 5, 2013

Expo 2013

You might have heard WNEP's "Pennsylvania Outdoor Life" Expo is underway at the Lycoming Mall near Williamsport.

I was there for a few hours yesterday.  I'm not an outdoors person, to say the least, but I do enjoy looking at the animals and the displays.

A big bonus is purely personal.  When you work weekends and overnights, there are some co-workers that you never see.  Expo time is reunion time.  The first photo features photographer Tom Durant, Jim Hamill, Julie Sidoni, Raegan Medgie and Nikki Krize.  That photo is history-- east meets west.  Raegan covers the eastern tip of WNEP's coverage area, while Tom, Jim, and Nikki handle the west.

The second photo shows the gang just before we split up for the day.

Thanks to all those who stopped by to say hello.  Special thanks to those who said I look younger and thinner in person.  Huge thanks to the woman who thought I was Jon Meyer.

The expo continues until Sunday evening.  I'll be working, so my expo time is complete.  Stop by and see the rest of the staff.