Wednesday, June 24, 2015

First Person: Crisis Management

Finally, someone gets it.

Gerrity's supermarket on Meadow Avenue in Scranton was hit by a small fire late Tuesday night.  It was enough to fill the store with smoke.  A lot of the store's stock had to be tossed out.

Once it was safe, Gerrity's management allowed us in to get some video and interviews.  It was the smart thing to do.  They showed their customers, through us, the store was being cleaned, and any potentially tainted food was headed to the dumpster.  Nothing to hide.  All in the open.  Store management got as much from it as we did.

A lot of chains wouldn't be as friendly.  A lot of chains wouldn't be as smart.
I minored in public relations.  It's not hard.  Be open and honest.  Simple.

We got our story.  The store's personnel and the clean up crew continued their work.  We all became better informed.