Thursday, June 4, 2015

Burger Time

I had an extra day off this week, and the morning was devoted to errands.  When everything was said and done, it was close to noon and I was hungry.

My treat was a fast food hamburger and fries.  I hadn't done that in a while and I was having a craving for one "my way."  No mayonnaise.

Anyway, I had ordered and paid, and was waiting for my items to come out of the grease and the microwave.  The woman in line behind me had a simple order:  a bun.  She explained to the register worker, and then the manager, that she brought tuna from home for lunch but neglected to bring a roll.

Forget that there's a mini mart across the street that sells bread, and a supermarket with a nice bakery just a mile away.  She wanted a roll from the fast food joint.  The woman was nicely dressed, and she had a handful of cash.  She could have afforded more.

Yes, they sold her one.  I didn't hear the price.  I was busy filling my drink cup at the time.

Just when you thought you'd seen it all...