Monday, November 30, 2015


I tweeted a picture of Nathan the kitten on Thanksgiving, and several responded with kind comments.  Nathan and I appreciate it.  When Nathan was plucked off the streets of Wilkes-Barre, a cold and dirty stray, he didn't expect to be an internet star.

He's doing well, and growing fast.  In fact, I had to swap out his baby collar for a big boy collar the day before Thanksgiving.  Nathan has recovered well from his surgery, and I hope he doesn't miss Father's Day.  Some vets nip off an ear tip so you can readily tell the ones who are spayed or neutered.  I'm not thrilled with the process for boys.  One nip is more than enough.

Nathan has an interesting color pattern.  His nose, chin, and whiskers aren't dirty.  He just has splashes of red and beige there.

Nathan is a spunky little guy, already spoiled beyond belief.  Sorry to say, there are a lot more like him out there.  I wish we could get them all off the streets and in to good homes.