Tuesday, December 1, 2015

About the Cover

I was doing a little wandering Thanksgiving morning, hoping for header inspiration.  The goal was for something "Christmassy."  I was blowing through rural locations, so there wasn't a lot from which to choose.  Nothing inspired, and I had no plans to wander in to one of the cities.

Then, I happened to spy the bear.  I know it's not Christmas related.  It's at the entrance to Covington Industrial Park year-round, but I liked it, and here it is.
I like bears.  They are a part of Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania.  I always thoght Black Bears or Black Diamond Bears were a better name for the baseball team than RailRiders.  What the heck is a RailRider, and what does it have to do with porcupines?

We're just coming off a bear season.  They are majestic creatures, and I hate to see them shot.  Perhaps we should get out of their way rather than make them get out of our way.

Have a good December.  We'll talk tomorrow.