Monday, November 6, 2017

Almost Here

There are some aspects of my life where I am unashamedly old school.

Today's topic is Christmas.  I don't like looking at it or thinking about it until mid December.  I do understand there are economic realities and logistical issues.  For example, we had a discussion at the office, weeks ago, about the Christmas week schedule.  I am fortunate that I'm not a big celebration guy, and I don't have to travel, so I took a couple of extra Christmas week shifts to give others a little time off.

I took the photo above in a shopping mall Thursday morning.  They are all set for Santa's arrival this weekend.  Yes, this weekend!  I think it's a little early.  What made the scene even more strange was a late week burst of warmth.  It's tough to think about snow, cold, and Christmas when you're running around without a jacket.