Monday, March 12, 2018


Part of my sense of wonder is how some very simple things give me great joy.  Here is a partial list.

I still get a major kick when Bucknell University's basketball team makes it to the NCAA tournament, even though it's happened many times before.

I still feel excitement when I see Johnny Carson walk through the rainbow curtain.

People make my day when they remember the work I did in radio.

I love it when water from melting snow forms a tunnel beneath snow banks on the curb.

Seeing a rainbow.

Eating a really good chocolate chip cookie.

Hearing people I worked with or against on big radio and tv stations and networks makes me happy.

I've seen some old tv sitcoms so many times that I can recite the dialog, and I still love watching them.

My Amazon Echo plays "Paperback Writer" any time I want.

I can track packages I ordered.

Slide belts.


I still get up every day and wonder what new things I will learn.

I am friends with some people, who, in a million years, I never thought I would like.

More to come.