Thursday, May 16, 2019

Mr. Blue Sky

It doesn't take much these days.

We have been on such a string of rainy and chilly days, even a little bit of blue sky and sunshine sends people in to euphoria.

Yesterday, I had a busy morning.  There were several errands and a little shopping on the agenda, plus a dental check up.  All people wanted to talk about was the fact we were actually experiencing a partly sunny morning-- and it wasn't raining!

It has been an odd month.  Here it is, the middle of May, and I was walking around in a jacket, with the heat on in the car and in the house.  I usually have an air conditioner or two stuffed in to windows by now.

I just hope it's not a rapid trip in to summer.  Spring is a great time of year-- warm, but not hot.  Clear, with none of that summer haze and humidity.

Regardless, just be happy we had a dry day.