Friday, May 24, 2019

Election PS

Just a few more thoughts on Tuesday's election...

Voter turnout in Luzerne county was around 20 per cent.  I will spare you the lecture.

Please take note, that even though it slips through once in a while, I try to avoid the word "loser."  Politics is tough.  Anyone who gets involved, even if they don't get enough votes, is not a loser.

Tuesday's election did not discriminate.  Candidates who were strong in their convictions were not returned to office.  Candidates who based every decision on the direction of the wind at that particular moment also were not returned to office.

It happens every time.  Some candidates blamed the media for their problems.  Once again, I will spare you the lecture.   I did notice some name calling in opinion pieces.  I can't endorse that.  It's borderline bullying.

All my evidence is anecdotal, but I did detect an uptick in problems at polling places on Tuesday.  Some were equipment issues.  The rest was human error.  I say it all the time:  This is (insert year here) and this shouldn't be happening.

In a non election note, former neighborhood activist and Scranton Public Works director Ed Pisano died this week.  He really had the DPW humming during the Wenzel administration.   If I remember correctly, one of his incentives was for workers to get the job done, and go home.  Assigned tasks were performed quickly and efficiently.  When the job was done, the workers could leave.  It worked!  Eddie was always accessible and a very nice man.  My sympathy to his family and friends.