Monday, November 26, 2012

I Don't Get It

I consider myself exceptionally fortunate in that there is nothing I need nor want badly enough to stand, or sleep, outside in the cold for days.

Above and below are Thanksgiving morning shots from outside Best Buy in Wilkes-Barre Township.  I saw the video on TV, and I had to see it for myself.

The people here are waiting in line to get the first crack at cheap electronics on Black Friday, which, unfortunately and sadly has become Black Thanksgiving.

I'm not that stupid and insensitive.  I know there are people who really need to save some money, and that's why they're in line.  If I had a loved one, especially a child, who really needed a special Christmas gift, you know I'd be out here in the cold.

Looking at this from a distance, I have problems understanding it.  It's a holiday.  Spend it with family and friends, in someplace warm, with a bathroom and a kitchen.  A cheap TV can wait.