Tuesday, June 11, 2019

3 Years

This is where I spent the last three years of my public school education-- a prison like brick box of nasty smells and busted dreams.    Okay, I stole part of that line from "The Drew Carey Show."

It was a poorly maintained building that outlived its usefulness long before I wandered the halls.  Twice during my time, a water pipe burst, flooding the bottom rooms and buckling the gym floor.  After repairs, the state forced the district to move the basketball games elsewhere because there wasn't enough room beyond the baseline.  If you ran hard after making a basket, you were slamming in to a wall.

Sadly, the people in charge of the district thought it was just fine.

The building is now home to senior citizens' apartments.  I'm glad something useful happened to it.

I was never sure if my graduation was a commencement or a parole.