Tuesday, May 1, 2012

About the Cover

You might have noticed that most blog headers for the past couple years have been looking skyward-- steeples, cupolas, clock towers, etc.

You also might have noticed that the sky looked rather lousy last week-- cold, cloudy, grey.

So this month, we're back down to earth.

Last week was National Park Week.  Places like Steamtown in Scranton waived entry fees.  I grabbed my camera and took a look around.  In spite of it being a raw afternoon, I had a good time.  There's not much here I haven't seen before.  Regardless, a trip to Steamtown is always a nice afternoon.

It must be a fun place to work because the staff is always so helpful, and they're always pleasant.

Yes, I realize my visit was mid week, mid afternoon, on a bad weather day.  Still, it was sad to see Steamtown almost empty.