Monday, June 4, 2018

Advice from the Old Man

The other day, I mentioned the benefit of college summer classes.  Let me expand on that.

I do realize the following:  You sometimes really need the summer break, many have jobs that get in the way, many live in dorms and go home for the summer.

On the other hand, summer classes, at least in my day, were much more informal and relaxed.  They didn't take up a lot of your time.  Some schools charge less for summer credits.  You only take one or two courses, so you can really concentrate on the material.

The biggest advantage, as I saw it, was spreading out the course and credit load.  Those credits you earned in the summer put you ahead of the game.  It was less to worry about and tackle in the spring and the fall.

When I was a radio pup, another part timer and I were on the same staff.  We were both college students.  The other part timer had a better voice, and at least back then, was a better broadcaster.  But, when the station needed help on short notice, I was the one who received the call.  The reason was simple.  I was available.  By the time my junior and senior years rolled around, I had banked plenty of credits, thanks to attending in the summer, I wasn't on campus much.  The other guy was stuck at school.  I was at work.

By the way, that other guy is enjoying a long and very successful career in larger market.

Bottom line:  It might not sound like fun, but go to school in the summer.