Monday, July 9, 2018

Monday Scrapple

That July 4th hot dog eating contest used to mildly entertaining.  Now, it's just plain disgusting.  Stop it.  Stop it now.  Note to the people at Nathan's:  Do you really want your product associated with such nauseating behavior?

The July 4th Statue of Liberty protester succeeded in ruing the holiday for hundreds of people.  Congratulations!  On the other hand, she was all over television.  I'm assuming she considers the endeavor a success.

Fireworks is suspected in a few house fires here in our area.  One left 25 people looking for new places to live. Some neighborhoods were like war zones.  Complaints filled the newspapers and social media.   Fireworks regulations were loosened this year.  Clearly, the state has to rethink this.  It will never happen.  When the regs loosened, taxes went up.  The state has found a new cash cow, and once that happens, the ball game is over.  It will probably take a death or two to force a change, and I'm not sure it will happen even then.

I'm thrilled the heat wave has ended.

I know supermarkets have become all things to all people-- beer and wine, pharmacies, auto supplies, school supplies, etc.  One supermarket actually sells bicycles for children.  How I miss the days of Sears and American Auto.

I'm so happy LeBron James has finally made a choice.

What can you say about the Thailand cave rescue?  Despite all our technology, nature always has the upper hand.

I think I've visited Toys R Us twice in my life.  Still,  a viral photograph of Geoffrey the Giraffe with a going away suitcase was exceptionally sad.

Has Oscar Mayer stopped making jalapeno cheese hot dogs?  They were outstanding.

The days of blaming the freeze/thaw cycle are over.  Why do we still have so many potholes?