Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Tuesday Scrapple

Planter's is bringing back its cheese balls.  Why?

Scranton is adding 50 downtown apartments, in the old county administration building.  Where are these people going to park?

Wilkes-Barre is arguing about its parking issues-- again.  You get 8 minutes for a quarter at a meter.  That can't be helping downtown businesses.

Wilkes-Barre now wants the state to call it "financially distressed."   I know times are tough.  Residents are taxed out.  Cities have massive pension obligations.  I see the whole thing as simply sad.

What happened to Wendy's chili?  Watery.  Zero flavor.

Looks like a prolonged fight over a U.S. Supreme Court nominee is on the way.  And we wonder why people lose faith in government.

It's tough to top long, cold and dark January, but July is becoming one of my least favorite months.  Too hot, too noisy.  A vacation week at the end of the month lessens the blow.

A couple of people actually responded to messages left on LinkedIn!  Amazing!

It appears all the Toys R Us stores are now closed.  It's so sad how a good thing, with a decent share of the market, got off the tracks.

I can listen to "Peg" by Steely Dan all day long.

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette will publish only five days a week beginning in the late summer.  The newspaper is transitioning in to a digital world.  It's also teaching people how to live without a fresh newspaper on your doorstep every morning.  How many newspapers will follow?  How long will they last?

It appears so many in state government are looking to create headlines rather than do good jobs and craft good policy.