Saturday, November 10, 2018

Andy's Angles: Baker Street

Some leaf peeping photos have been in the queue for a while.  I finally had the chance to do a little wandering late last month, so let's share them on a cold, damp, November weekend.

This is the shot of the Lackawanna River, from the Blakely Borough recreation area.  Trees.  Water.  Sunshine.  Can't go wrong.  The shot is downstream.  Olyphant is on the left.

Let me explain the "Baker Street" title reference.  It's one of my favorite songs, and each time I listen to it, I hear something different, something I hadn't noticed before.

I've taken dozens of photos at this park, and every time I'm here, every time I look through that viewfinder, every time I load photos in to my computer, I see something different.