Saturday, November 3, 2018

Andy's Angles: Friends

It is rare that I put a photo here taken by someone else, so when that happens, you know it is something special.

I'm really not sure who took this one.  I suspect it came from WNEP photographer Tom Durant, and the woman on the left, photographer Bonnie Frisbie sent it to me.  This is Bonnie and WNEP reporter Nikki Krize, earlier this week, in central Pennsylvania.

Let me tell you about these two.

Bonnie works out of the home office in Moosic.  She worked the weekend overnight shift with me for several years.  In addition to being exceptionally competent, she is a good friend.  B, as I call her, was always a sympathetic ear, and would always bring back my favorite yogurt when she was making a mini mart run in the middle of the night.

Nikki works out of our Central Pennsylvania Newsroom, and I don't see her nearly enough.  I first met Nikki, or Nicolette,  as I call her, when she was working for a cable station in Hazleton.  She was curious and enthusiastic back then.  Nikki hasn't changed, and I look forward to the rare times she comes east or I go west.

I am lucky to work with Nikki and Bonnie, and you are lucky to have them working for you.