Monday, November 26, 2018

Horse Trading

It's a yearly ritual in my office, and the same is likely true in every 24/7 business in the nation.  The yearly scramble to get every shift covered on holidays is underway.  I call it "horse trading."

You get some breaks.  You get some lousy shifts.  It's all part of the game.

Here is the way I approach it.  My family is local.  I don't have to travel.  Holidays aren't a big thing to me.  I'll work while Santa is making his rounds.  It's okay.  As I've said many times, working holidays is part of the package when you take a job in broadcasting.  If you can't accept that, you should find another line of work.  When I was younger, I viewed holidays as an opportunity.  More work.  More money.  More exposure.  In fact, my first time anchoring at Newswatch 16 was on a Christmas morning. 

In exchange for getting some lousy shifts, I acquired some scattered day off in December and January.  It always works out in the end.  No one every gets everything he or she desires.  It's all a matter of flexibility and compromise.

Saddle up.  The holiday season is here.