Friday, November 23, 2018

Black Friday

Today is among my least favorite days on the calendar.  It's Black Friday, a day of noise, crowds, excess, fear, frustration...

In a reversal of recent years, some stores and malls have cut back on their hours.  It's a realization that we are an internet world.

I'm lucky.  I do have a holiday plan in mind.  Some of it involves visiting stores, and that usually happens in the mini lull at the beginning of December.

I like supporting local businesses, and businesses that employ local workers...  but, I do have to go on-line for much of what I need.  My work and sleep schedule dictates that.  I need the convenience.

I also understand the reasons people venture out today.  Some see it as great fun.  I get that.  Money is always tight, and I get that too.  If wading in to a crowd helps you stretch your holiday budget, have at it.

All I ask is be careful on the roads, and be patient in the stores.