Thursday, November 22, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving!

I always look forward to this day.  Weather permitting, I'll go out and play with my camera for a little while in the morning.  A nice family dinner.  A little football, then back to the routine.  My holidays are usually low key, and I like it that way.  There will likely be some computer time.  The end of the year is approaching, and I usually start compiling my "Top Ten" photographs blog entries.

I'm lucky and I appreciate that fact every moment of every day.

I've had down times.  We all have.  There are people suffering emotionally, physically, financially..  I know so many people who are having an awful week, and a bad year.  My heart breaks for them.

Just try to find one little nugget that makes you happy, something for which to be thankful.  If you do that, then I will have a Happy Thanksgiving,