Thursday, November 1, 2018

Oh Deer!

Newswatch 16 did a story on it last week, and I'm likely jinxing myself by writing about it.  Pennsylvania is one of the top states for car versus deer collisions, and we are in our peak season for that.

This year is a record for close calls for me.  Deer are everywhere.  I've seen them on the Casey Highway, Boulevard Avenue in Scranton, Olyphant Avenue in Scranton, Main Avenue in Scranton and Dickson City, an exit ramp of the North Scranton Expressway, the O'Neil Highway in Dunmore, Pancoast Street in Throop, South Main Street in Archbald, Business Route 6 in just about every town between Carbondale and Scranton...  And, that's just a partial list.

A photographer and I drove to the Towanda area Tuesday morning, to cover a fire.  An amazing number of carcasses littered Route 6.

The only thing you can do is be extra careful, and wait for the start of next month's deer season.  It thins the herd.  The roads become a little more safe.

The thing that is really concerning this year-- the deer have been spotted in residential areas.  Are they advancing in to populated areas, or are we infringing on their habitat?