Monday, December 22, 2008

There Has to be a Better Way

At one time, radio owned the school/business/church/social group cancellation business. Then, television got into the act. The public was well served.

Times change. Most radio stations no longer do cancellations. It's a combination of factors. Cheapness is one. Emerging technology is another. Most radio stations refer you to their web sites, and that's okay. Cancellations can be a challenge. If you don't care about the weather, listening to several minutes of cancellations can be mind numbing. That's where TV has a distinct advantage. You can still watch your show while the cancellations take up a small portion of the screen.

Of course, it's possible to bypass broadcasting and cable altogether. Many organizations are like WNEP, and offer cancellations via cell phone. We're happy to help.

Let's take it a step further. Weekend snow brings a flood of phone calls from churches and social groups. Some of these organizations are rather small. I love TV, and it's a great medium, but there's a better way for them to get their message across. Go high tech. Get a web site. It's possible to get one for free. Not everyone has web access. Get their numbers. Set up a phone tree and make a few calls. Control your own destiny, and get the information out fast and the way you want it released.