Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Christmas Letter

It's a yearly issue that I've been sharing with blog readers for quite a while now.

I receive a Christmas card and letter from an old college friend, and while I love hearing from her, it presents a challenge.  Her life is so wonderful-- great family, great kids, great job, great vacations, life in sunny California-- that I'm hard pressed to come up with a response.

As always, I'm sharing the first draft with you.

Dear Sue:

Once again, thank you for the card and letter.  The kids have really grown, and I'm tickled to see them doing so well.  It seems you're enjoying the California warmth, and that also makes me happy.

Things are okay back east.  The weekend morning broadcasts are going well, thanks to a loyal audience and some really good staffers.

There were more than enough interesting stories this year to keep me challenged, even though some were exceptionally tragic.  It's the holidays, and the sad details can wait for another time.

I said good bye to some co workers this year.  Bad.

I said hello to some new co workers this year.  Good.

Some video from a story I did showed up on ABC's World News.  I also appeared on sister stations in Huntsville, Harrisburg, and Kansas City.

Like 2012, I shopped for a smart phone and didn't buy one.  That new "sensitive" toothpaste purchase has worked out really well.  I also bought an e-reader, which I enjoy a great deal.  I can't say I'm thrilled with the vitamins that are supposed to clean out your liver.  My new watch keeps great time, and I renewed my Sam's Club membership.

My blog turned nine and gets a few hundred hits every day.

I'm still hitting the gym and riding my bike.

I wrote letters to the president and head of the trustees board at our alma mater, Marywood, on an important issue.  Neither bothered to respond.

Kohl's blessed me with many 30 per cent off coupons.

I watched trains.

I hope 2014 is a great year for you and your family.

Your friend,