Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top Ten: Reflections and UPS/FedEx

It's something I try to do every winter-- grab some photos that show the season does have its charm.  I took this one back in mid March.  A patch of clear water opened up in the ice covering the lake at Lackawanna State Park.  The still water reflected the blue sky and clouds.

If you'll remember several months ago, the winter of 12-13 wasn't severe, but it was long, and any sun was greatly appreciated.

Moving on...

UPS is catching a lot of heat because it didn't get all its packages to destinations before Christmas.  The company says it underestimated the package load.  Ya think?

I've used UPS dozens of times over the years and never had a problem.  I can understand how things like this can happen.  However, Christmas is the Super Bowl of the package shipping industry.  You have to get it right.  At a critical time of year, it's better to have too many employees than too few.  UPS, Christmas 2014 is only 364 days away.  Start planning.

Our friends at the Allentown Morning Call report FedEx plans to build a $ 175 million dollar facility near Lehigh Valley International Airport.  Outstanding!  Yes, it would have been nice in NEPA, but Allentown has a bigger airport and transportation system going for it.  It's not like Allentown is on another planet.  There is likely to be some indirect benefits to our area, and I'm sure some people from our coverage area will make the short trip to Allentown to work there.