Friday, December 13, 2013

Unconventional Wisdom

Every once in a while, something comes along to shake your faith in conventional wisdom, and it makes me happy because it keeps you on your toes.

Let me take you back to last Friday morning at 4:30.  I was in line at Walmart.  I had just come from the gym and what's left of my hair was still wet from the shower.  I hadn't touched a razor in a few days, and I was likely looking a little tired.

A couple got in line behind me.  The female was heavily tattooed and very pretty.  The male had a facial piercing and spikey hair.  They were returning a car battery.  Both were in their early 20's.

The young man looked at me and said "Hi, Andy."  I replied with "You look familiar."  He responded by saying we had never met.  He recognized me from TV.

Now, the experts tell us this isn't the group that watches TV news, let alone weekend morning TV news.  It could be they watch via internet or cell phone, but I didn't get that impression.

Traditional TV is viewed as a medium for middle aged (and older) adults.  It's nice to see the younger crowd is curious about their world and tunes in from time to time.  They're out there.  Thank you.