Monday, December 2, 2013

Unfinished Monday

The beating death of a 97 year old woman in Nanticoke is a horrible act.  What threat did she pose to the burglar?  Did she recognize him and the burglar felt the need to silence her?  We may eventually know what happened.  We will never understand why.

It's widely believed that Black Friday will eventually creep further into Thanksgiving.  Most stores opened at 7 or 8 Thursday night.  I expect 4 or 5 pm starts next year.  Face it.  Holidays as we know them are over.

Authorities say a six year old boy, playing with a lighter, started a fire that displaced dozens.  I know you can't watch a kid every second of every day, but you can make it difficult for them to get themselves, and others, in harm's way.

I've already grown weary of the Christmas hype.  The endless commercialism breeds cynicism. 

It's nice to see the puppies abandoned in Luzerne County back in October getting good homes.

You have to wonder how the financial markets keep rising.

Meteorological winter has arrived.  I know it's only three months.  It seems longer.

Hazleton has joined the growing list of municipalities in serious financial trouble.  I fear it will be a very long list when all is said and done.