Sunday, December 20, 2015

2015 Top Ten

It is that time of year again-- my annual review of the top ten photos of the year.

As always, the criteria is not the best photograph, but rather, a photograph that means something.  And yes, there are a few cool shots in the mix as well.

Assembling the Top Ten is never difficult.  I'll instantly see a shot worthy of the yearly review, and it goes right in to the cloud to guard against any computer issues.

While the assembly is a breeze, the ranking isn't.  The top two or three is usually easy.  The rest of the Top Ten presents a bit of a challenge, but that's part of the fun for me.  It brings back a lot of recent memories. Some good.  Others, not so good.

There will be a one day break in the Top Ten.  I'll try to find something nice for Christmas Day.

While the Top Ten affords me a little holiday break, I'll still open my yap to comment on the news of the day, if something tickles my fancy, or if something gets stuck in my craw.

Tomorrow, the Top Ten countdown begins.