Saturday, December 19, 2015

Train Station Saturday: Pocono Summit

Next Saturday, this space will be occupied by one of the Top Ten of 2015 photographs, and I hate to end the year with the saddest train station of the collection, but here goes.
This is what you'll find at Pocono Summit, just outside of Mount Pocono.  A beautiful building neglected.

The walls are concrete and in apparent good shape.  The roof is another story, and I shudder to think about the condition of the inside.
There was life here once, and then again when Steamtown trains were running.  It seems that with the casino and resort explosion in the area, passenger service makes sense.
It is such a shame to see a beautiful building wasted.
The plan was to end Train Station Saturday at the close of 2015, but there is one more I'd like to show you.  It is perhaps my favorite, and look for it January 2, 2016.