Thursday, December 24, 2015

Top Ten: Nick

Newswatch 16 photographer Nick Horsky retired at the end of June.  That's Nick on the right.  I took the photo on Nick's last morning of work.

Nick was an unforgettable character, and a first rate photographer and live truck operator.

Jon Meyer, on the left, worked with Nick on his last day.  Jon also worked with photographer Tom Hovey on his last day before retirement in 2014.

As I said back on retirement day, Nick was one of a kind.  I've worked with a lot of photographers over the years.  Nick had an incredible sense of knowing exactly how much video he needed for a story.  Never too little.  Never too much.  Always perfect.

My favorite part about Nick, other than his low tolerance for BS, was his speed.  He was the guy I wanted to do a noon live shot with.  No one set up a truck faster, and took it down more efficiently.

Nick, I hope your first six months of retirement have been great.  You are missed.

Tomorrow:  a Christmas thought or two.