Friday, May 18, 2018

A Swift One

There is a line from the theme to the incredibly forgettable, even though it was on for nine years, sitcom "Alice."  It goes "kicking myself for nothing was my favorite sport."

There was a recent epiphany while writing these, seemingly endless to you, blog entries about college.

After I graduated, I stopped at the college radio station to say good bye on my way back to my car in the parking lot.  I went home, took a nap, and went to work at midnight.  For years, decades even, I kicked myself for not going out and doing something fun to celebrate my new degree.  I'm sure my boss at WARM would have understood, and freed me from the midnight to 5:30 AM shift for once.

Then, I thought about it for a moment recently.  After four years of college, I had drifted away from my neighborhood and high school friends.  They're all great people, but you know how it is.  You go in different directions.  I envy those who are able to keep up friendships.  It wasn't easy for me.  I was usually working while my friends were sleeping and vice versa.  My best college friends were dorm girls, and they were gone-- some for the summer.  Some, forever.

I liked to work and I liked my job. Heading to WARM in Avoca made perfect sense.   Unfortunately, it took me 35 years to realize it.