Saturday, May 12, 2018

Andy's Angles: Graduation Weekend

The actual 35th anniversary of my college graduation is the 15th, which falls on a Tuesday this year, so I'm considering this "graduation weekend."

There is something I'd like to draw your attention to today.  Above is the front cover of the graduation day program.  Below is the back.
Take a look at the left column, about half way down.  I was honorable mention for the Lynett Medal for distinction in communication arts.  Mark Weigel won the award-- a great, hardworking guy.  I'm sorry I've lost touch with him.  No one nicer, and no one more deserving.  Mark majored in public relations.  I was a Radio and TV guy, so I consider myself the top broadcaster of the class of 1983.  Petty?  Yes!  But, it's kept me going all these years.

What did I get?  Other than standing at graduation when my name was read, absolutely nothing!  I really shouldn't say that.  There was a great deal of self satisfaction and accomplishment, which remains to this day.