Thursday, May 3, 2018

Button Down

It was driving me insane.  One of my cameras wasn't saving the day, date and other settings.  I'd have to reenter them every time I powered up the camera, only to have them disappear when I turned the camera off.

I consulted the internet for the solution, and discovered my camera has a little button battery inside that preserved the memory.  Easy access.  I saw the battery type and number and headed for the store.

CVS and Walmart had at least a dozen sizes of button batteries, but not the one I needed.  Radio Shack, how I miss you!

I went home and did what I should have done in the first place-- ordered the battery on-line.

It's one of the reasons why brick and mortar retailers are failing.  I didn't expect CVS and Walmart to have every type of battery ever made.  Specialty stores have just about disappeared.

Face it.  It's an internet world.