Thursday, December 4, 2014

Not Flag Day

courtesy:  The Wood Word
I'm a Marywood alumnus, so I do have a dog in this fight.

A small group of students protested the Ferguson decision Tuesday.  They were upset a grand jury in Missouri did not recommend charges against the white police officer who shot and killed a young black man.

Part of the Marywood protest involved the hanging of the flag you see above, inside Marywood's signature building, the Liberal Arts Center.

I admire that the students feel passionately about something, and chose to act.

Unfortunately, they went about it the wrong way, it it will ultimately wind up doing more harm than good.

First, students have to learn it's a court of law, not a court of justice.

Second, "Ethics" is course option in Marywood's philosophy department.  Perhaps it should be mandatory.

The "free speech" argument holds no water here.  Marywood sets the rules.  There's a student handbook.  Plus, Marywood is private property.  Sr. Munley has more power than all the Founding Fathers combined.

Marywood says the students involved will not be punished.  I see both sides.  I'm sure the school looked at intent, and the students might not have realized the full impact of their act.  I don't think they should expelled, either, but there should be some consequences for an over the top demonstration.

I was on campus yesterday for the annual Christmas tree lighting.  Pictures coming.  Things didn't see the same.  I sensed shock and embarrassment.  The people here seemed wounded in some way.

We can use this is a teaching moment, for the reasons listed above.  A little more learning and some change aren't bad things.