Thursday, December 18, 2014


The HBO series, The Newsroom, wrapped up its two and a half year run Sunday night.  The series was centered around a fictional cable news network.  Some story lines were news related.  Most were people oriented.

The Newsroom was one of those series where I kept saying "I'll give it one more week."  Eventually I was hooked.  I always wanted to work with a guy like Will McAvoy.  I always wanted to work for a guy like Charlie Skinner.

Some scenes are on You Tube.  I strongly suggest scene one from episode one-- the one where Will goes off on a college kid who asks a question at a media seminar.  Outstanding writing by Aaron Sorkin.  Talky, preachy, and long winded were some of the complaints.  I got that.  On the other hand, the stuff was so well written, you overlooked the lecture.

When The Newsroom was good, it was great.  When it wasn't, it was merely okay.

The finale wrapped up the story lines and character arcs nicely, albeit occasionally trite.  There were several flashbacks, explaining how characters first interacted, meetings, etc.  It worked.

Jane Fonda as a media mogul was outstanding casting.  She played the role to perfection.

I've become a big Jeff Daniels fan.

Sam Waterston stole every scene in which he appeared.

Olivia Munn is a striking woman, but not a great actress.  On the other hand, she took every line she was given, many humorous, and delivered.

I'm sorry HBO and Sorkin decided to end The Newsroom after only 25 episodes.  It was one of the good ones.