Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Tuesday Scrapple

Can we please have just one sunny day?  Cold is okay.  I'd just like to see the sun again.

CBS says David Letterman's last show is May 20.  Craig Ferguson ends his 12:35 AM run one week from today.  Colbert starts in the fall and has the potential to be great.  Still, I'll miss Dave and Craig-- a lot.

McDonald's stock is sliding.  Its answer?   Trim the menu, but add touch screens where people can order customized, high end burgers.  McDonald's has to battle the image it sells fat and salt laden junk.  Younger customers are going elsewhere.

The company that owns Sears and KMart says it will close more than 230 stores next year.  Do you get the feeling the end is near?

We're getting reports the downtown Scranton cineplex is on the way out.  Like McDonald's, image is everything.  People don't feel safe around the theaters, and there's not much reason to visit the mall.

The Christmas decorations on Courthouse Square look great-- the downtown's lone bright spot.  For those of who grew up around here, did you ever think you'd see the day downtown's best lights are provided by a government body rather than retailers?  The rest of downtown looks dark and sad.  I should note, Penn Security's windows, at North Washington and Spruce are spectacular.

Shehadi Appliance in Throop is closing-- one of the most famous WARM radio commercials of all time.

Christmas 2014 set the record for most catalogs mailed to the house.

I'm really not all that interested in the college football playoffs.  Maybe I'll get in to it as the games draw near.

We're still months away from baseball.  Winter meetings, and plenty of trades and free agent signings this week.  I enjoyed thinking about a warm weather sport again.