Friday, May 10, 2024

Follow Up Friday


I've been reading the stories coming out of the Justin Schuback murder trial from Scranton.  Schuback is accused of killing Robert Baron, in Old Forge, in January of 2017.  Once again, I am reminded of the line "When the play is cast in hell, don't expect angels for actors."

Penndot is telling us more about the plan to replace two deteriorating bridges that connect Pittston and West Pittston, over the Susquehanna River.  Completion date:  2030.  Yes, it's an extensive project, but six more years?  The thing that amazes me is everyone knew those bridges were falling apart, and everyone sat on their hands until it was too late.

The same is true downstream at the Nanticoke/West Nanticoke Bridge, were the weight limit is lowered yet again.

I passed through the construction zone in Lackawanna County, near where interstates 84 and 380 meet.  Wow!  There is a lot going on, and this is another multi-year project.

I'm tempted to say that it will all be great when it's over, but it never ends.  We'll just find something else to rip up.