Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Summer is Here!


It's now official.  Summer is here!  The reason?  I muscled an air conditioner in to my bedroom window.  It actually happened Friday morning.

I returned from a long walk in the park, sweaty and messy.  I sat down with a beverage to watch the morning tv forecast, and I do follow the weather very closely.  Friday looked warm, followed by an extended above average spell.  It seemed like the perfect time.

The house has those split ductless units, and they work great.  My bedroom gets the afternoon sun, and it needs an extra shot of cool, so a small window unit gets the job done.  Plus, as any third shift worker will tell you, cool and dark are our friends.

As much as I despise spending the summer in a cool and dark cave, it is a necessity.

Memorial Day isn't here yet, and I'm already looking forward to fall.