Monday, May 4, 2015

Media Notes

Don Imus says he's ending his association with the FOX Business Network at the end of month, and he will become "radio only" once again.  Not a fan.  He's not a nice man.  I do pause on the show from time to time, and it's difficult to watch.  It's very choppy and disjointed with a rather large commercial load.

Atlanta is considering naming a street after Ted Turner.  Great move!  He revolutionized television, cable and the news business.  The man is a true pioneer.

I've done a turnaround on CBS Late Late Show host James Corden.  I still think he's a charming, delightful and talented individual.  However, his comedy bits often miss the mark and the show is too Leno-esque and showbizzy smarmy.  I really miss the Craig Ferguson edge, and Ferguson was a much better interviewer.

Speaking of Craig Ferguson, he won the Emmy for Best Game Show Host a couple of weeks ago.  Ferguson's Celebrity Name Game is in its first season and it's been renewed for a second.

71 year old Geraldo Rivera was right in the middle of the FOX News Channel coverage of the Baltimore riots.  I pray I have as much energy and enthusiasm when I'm 71.

Overall, I thought Baltimore coverage was OK.  Not exceptional.  Not awful.  Sit back and let the pictures tell the story.

MLB Network's "Quick Pitch" is one of the best sports programs on TV.  Scores.  Highlights.  News.  No schtick, and excellent production values.  One of the things I like about MLB Network is it often celebrates defense, which, in my view, is more entertaining than a grand slam home run.

There's a little non-commercial AM radio station in the Scranton area.  AM 1640.  It broadcasts travel advisories and National Weather Service radio.  It's been off the air for nearly two weeks.  I like it because it's tough to get a forecast out of the commercial radio stations around here these days.  I'm not sure who has the responsibility to fix it.  I'm assuming it's PennDOT.  No matter.  JUST FIX IT!