Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweating it Out

I owed the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania money.  I always do.  No complaints.  It shows my investments are doing well.

My income tax return was completed months ago.  The state had its palm out.  I mailed a check March 13.

I kept checking my bank account web site every few days.  The check wasn't clearing.  Panic was setting in.

I e-mailed the Department of Revenue a couple of weeks ago.  There was no record of my return or my payment.  The reply from the state also said I shouldn't be overly concerned.  It often takes ten weeks or more to get everything settled.

10 weeks or more!?!?  Are you kidding me.  What are they doing in Harrisburg?  They could have filled a lot of pot holes if they used my money earlier.

The check finally cleared May 20.

I'm relieved the state has my money and I won't be going to jail.

However, it just makes you wonder about efficiency.