Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Status Report

Montage Mountain Interstate 81 exit lights:  still out.  They've been out for months.

AM 1640 Weather/Travel Advisory Radio:  still off the air.  It's been that way for more than a week.

O'Neill Highway, Dunmore street lights:  a couple have been out for several months, possibly more than a year.

Potholes on interstates, state roads, and local roads:  abundant, even though there are extensive milling and paving operations underway.

And, those in government why they get a bad rap, and people have lost faith.

Shifting gears, the NFL has suspended New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for 4 games.  Sources told FOX Sports the team was preparing for a 6 to 8 game suspension.  4 seems about right.  Most people expect an appeal, and the league will knock it down to 2 games.  An investigation shows its likely Brady played a role in deflating footballs used in the AFC championship game in January.  I applaud the NFL commissioner for acting to preserve the integrity of the game.  It's been reported the commissioner took News England's cheating past into consideration when doling out the punishment.  The Patriots also lose two draft choices and have been fined $ 1 million.